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Marble Surface

RV Repair Services Offered

Offering the following and more!
• Exterior reseals
• Roof reseals
• Roof patches
• Bearing packs
• Brake repair/installation
• Fridge repair
• Winterize/de-winterize
• Battery replacement
• Electrical/wiring repair
• Interior wall repair
• TV Installation
• Engine oil changes
• Appliance service
• Safety Inspections
• Furnace repair/replacement
• Used RV pre-purchase inspections
• LP system repair/replacement
• Generator service
• Leak inspections & repairs
• Kitchen appliance replacement
• Plumbing repair replacement
• Awning repair/replacement

Specialty Services

Specialty projects done by Reed's Mobile RV Service


RV Flooring Replacement

Reed’s can address all of your RV flooring needs. From start to finish we can replace even the most damaged flooring to create a new finish in your home away from home. A good quality floor can transform your RV! Call today to have us out for a service call.

RV Dry Rot Repai

Dry rot can spread like wildfire in an RV. Not to worry! We specialize in dry rot repair and don’t shy away from the big projects! Are you experiencing dry rot in your RV? Call Reed’s Mobile RV Service to get scheduled for a service call so we can address your dry rot issues.

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